IS-GEO Boulder 2019
Button red 50 StreamGauge (id: 11) (sensor_id: 5d0a6126ac10e40001bfc07b) located at Magnolia CO119
Description: Particle Boron board with SparkFun ultrasonic distance sensor.
This instrument is designated as: ACTIVE
(If 'INACTIVE', the instrument will not appear in the dashboard.)


48503 measurements were reported. 176 of these are test values.

This instrument is expected to report a measurement every 70 seconds.
The first measurement was measured at 2019-06-19 17:00:15 UTC.
The last measurement is 3 months old. It was measured at 2019-07-19 17:41:40 UTC.

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Instrument Description

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Short Name Name Units Min/Max (Plot) Measured Property  
gauge Gauge Distance centimeter of water
cm H2O
/ Acronym
bat_soc Battery Charge percent
/ Abbreviation